Easy Mount Technology

E Series Tapes with Easy Mount Technology

On easy with reduced air entrapment

Unlike flat or pebbled liners, E-Series liners are crosshatched. This imprints unique microchannels into the adhesive that allow air to flow throughout the adhesive. Air bubbles disappear from between the tape and plate, and between the tape and cylinder or sleeve for virtually bubble-free mounting. Setup is faster with smoother surfaces for cleaner print quality and higher productivity.

Stays on with reduced edge-lifting

Exclusive 3M plate-side adhesive maintains tight contact. Saves the prep time, downtime, and labor of sealing plate edges. Peels off easily to reduce plate damage Peels off so easily you can virtually eliminate plate back treatment. You’re less likely to damage plates, so you save time, labor, andmoney.

Bubble-free print quality

• Prevent blemishes in screen and
process printing
• Help assure proper registration