Enpurex Anilox Cleaning Solutions


A Brief History

Enpurex was developed in Leipzig, Germany by a small start-up company called Bubbles and Beyond. Enpurex was developed from a gel which was made to remove graffiti from trains. CCL Labels Germany  began ordering this graffiti remover to clean their aniloxs. Consequently Bubbles & Beyond learnt about Anilox Rollers and together with CCL Labels Germany, developed the most effective and unique anilox cleaner on the market, namely Enpurex.

Global sales and marketing is performed by TKM Meyer. Raceys are the national agents for TKM Meyer Doctor Blades and are also now proudly the national agents for Enpurex. We continue to bring you top quality product.


Product Information

Enpurex is safe for you, safe for the environment and cost effective. The fluid is pH neutral, with a pH of 6. Below are some aspects which makes Enpurex a unique cleaning solution.

  • Acid free
  • Aluminium friendly
  • Water-based
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Non-contaminative (safe for food and pharmaceuticals)
  • Reduces machine downtime
  • Bio-degradable
  • Cost-effective (Small working volumes required)
  • Physical and not a chemical Cleaning Process (No extreme chemical cleaning)
  • Flash point higher than 95 degrees celcius


How it Works

Ink and contaminates are gently lifted and efficiently detached. Enpurex provides a safe, physically active, deep cleaning principle unlike any other.

Enpurex works physically rather than chemically. It does not dissolve or corrode the ink but rather breaks up the ink. The molecules in the fluid are constantly moving, changing shape and size (similar to a lava lamp). The continuous restructuring movement of the molecules results in a “micro-earthquake” dislodging ink and contaminates. After the cleaning process, the lifted particles can then be easily wiped away with a wet cloth. This will deactivate and cease the molecular cleaning action of the fluid.

It is important however that in order for Enpurex to work effectively the surface and application sponge is dry as water and alcohol deactivates the cleaning process of the fluid.

Below is a short video of how it works


Simply spray Enpurex onto the SurfiMax micropore sponge and cover the surface to be cleaned (anilox roller, rubber roller or impressions roller etc.) with Enpurex. Allow the deep cleaning reaction to take place for 1-5 minutes. Afterwards wipe off the ink or dirt using as wet cloth/rag to thoroughly clean the surface and stop the reaction of Enpurex. If the anilox is extremely dirty reapplication may be necessary. However, Regular use of Enpurex 95 Plus will require only 1 application.


The Product Range

The Enpurex range comprises of 2 products namely Enpurex 95 PLUS and Enpurex POWER.

  • Enpurex 95 PLUS  is what may be referred to as the daily cleaner however through regular use the Power is not required. 95 Plus works in almost every case.
  • Enpurex POWER  is a deep cleaner however this product is only required in extreme cases.

Please click here to download the Material Safety Data Sheets:


Supply Volumes

Enpurex is supplied in 800ml spray bottles, 6l or 10l. A spray bottle and SurfiMax sponges are supplied with each volume of Enpurex.