TKM Meyer Materials


The OptiPrint material is our most popular line and the one we place most of our focus on. The OptiPrint has a 5 times higher chromium content than many other Doctor Blades currently available on the market. The result is a stiffer blade which can be run with less pressure resulting in a cleaner wipe, reduced anilox wear and extended blade life. Due to the high chromium content this blade breaks down into a fine powder, thereby reducing burring. This blade is the ultimate for Flexographic printing and is the most widely used TKM Meyer blade on the market.


Other material option:


This is TKM Meyer’s standard material. It has optimized purity with a chromium content of 0.3%-0.4% and a low sulphur content (max.0.003%). Raceys recommends this material for use on Rotorgravure machines.



The TKM Meyer MegaPrint blades have a special coating with ceramic particles. Available in all tip designs, this blade produces a high consistency of quality. Reducing “pin lines” and streaking problems, the MagePrint is ideal for long runs and high abrasive inks.



This is TKM Meyer’s stainless steel blade making it corrosion resistant and best suited to water based and aggressive ink coatings.