TKM Meyer Tip Designs


Pregroud/Lamella Tip

This preground tip can be produced in various lamella sizes up to customer requirements. Tip thickness is held within very tight tolerances ensuring a consistent contact zone with no variation in tonal values.


Stable Tip

The stable tip has a long bevel giving the edge extra stregth and rigity. This design is best suited for small tip sizes and ideal for long runs.It will also reduce breakage and cracking problems at the cylinder edge.


Flexo Tip

Specifically developed for flexo chamber systems this tip allows for a burr free contact zone thereby reducing anilox scoring. It is safe to use as it has a double sided rounded tip. There is no bending like other tip designs which means that less pressure is required. It has a very strong working zone extending blade life and improving print quality. Combined with the OptiPrint material, this is the ultimate blade for flexo printing.